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1. In an OP position which one statement is FALSE ?
A In a primigravida labour an OP position can result in labour lasting longer.
B Perinatal morbidity is approximately the same compared to an OA position.
C Perineal trauma may be increased.
D The head is born by flexion.
E Ventouse is contra-indicated for delivery.
2. With regard to amniotic fluid embolism which one of the following is FALSE ?
A It develops with stunning rapidity.
B Seizures affect about one third of patients.
C DIC is a common complication.
D Mortality rate in the past was as high as 85%
E May be precipitated by cord prolapse.
3. During a breech delivery of a normal size fetus which one is the correct management for a nuchal arm?
A It is best to deliver in the Mc Roberts position.
B If discovered a Caesarean section is always indicated
C One option is to rotate the fetus for a left nuchal arm anti-clockwise
D One option is to rotate the fetus for a left nuchal arm clockwise
E If a nuchal arm persists vaginal delivery is still possible.
4. In Shoulder Dystocia , as a last resort : which one of the following may be used ?
A Deliberate fracture of the humerus
B Zavanelli at a home birth
C Hysterectomy
D Symphysiotomy
E All of the above
5. Concerning pre-Eclampsia which one of the following is correct?
A Hypertension is defined as a single measurement of 140/90 mmHg.
B Proteinuria is defined as urinary protein of less than 30 mg in 24 hours.
C An Eclamptic fit only occurs with a BP of > 100 diastolic
D All pre-Eclamptic women have oedema.
E Weight gain may be supportive evidence of pre-Eclampsia developing.
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