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1. In an OP position which one statement is FALSE ?
A In a primigravida labour an OP position can result in labour lasting longer.
B Perinatal morbidity is approximately the same compared to an OA position.
C Perineal trauma may be increased.
D The head is born by flexion.
E Ventouse is contra-indicated for delivery.
2. With regard to amniotic fluid embolism which one of the following is correct?
A It is uncommon.
B It is usually catastrophic.
C It is more common with multiparous women.
D It may form part of an anaphylactoid syndrome.
E All of the above.
3. With regard to cardiac arrest which one of the following is FALSE?
A Pregnant women may lose up to 1.5L of blood before exhibiting signs or symptoms of shock.
B Delivery of the fetus increases maternal cardiac output.
C The fetus can withstand a short period of limited maternal cardiac output..
D Caesarean section of a woman in a cardiac arrest is done to save the mother.
E Severe Sepsis never causes cardiac arrest.
4. Regarding neonatal resuscitation: which one of the following is correct ?
A Commence cardiac compressions if the fetal heart rate is less than 80 beats per minute
B Most meconium aspiration occurs in utero
C Fetal Laryngoscope blades are curved
D The umbilical vein is the smallest of the 3 vessels
E An umbilical arterial catheter provides excellent IV access
5. Concerning magnesium sulphate which one of the following is correct?
A The loading dose is 4 milligrams over 15 minutes.
B The infusion rate is 4 grams per hour.
C Magnesium is excreted by the liver.
D The therapeutic level is 15 mg/dl.
E The blood level of magnesium is dependent on the patientís renal function.
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