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1. With regard to the pelvic inlet which one of the following is not part of that boundary?
A The Sacral Promontrary
B The Iliopectineal line.
C The Symphysis pubis.
D The Coccyx.
E None of the above.
2. During the delivery of a fetus which one of the following is correct ?
A The head is born by flexion in a OP position.
B Forceps can be used on a face presentation.
C Forceps can be used during a breech delivery.
D Occasionally in an OP position the vertex can be on the perineum but the head is not engaged.
E All of the above.
3. Which one of the following indicates possible Magnesium toxicity ?
A The reflexes are normal.
B The patient develops abdominal pain.
C The respiratory rate is 16 respirations per minute.
D If the patient is agitated.
E If the patient has a cardiac arrest.
4. In the treatment of thromboembolic disease which one of the following is correct?
A Heparin crosses the placental barrier.
B Heparin is present in breast milk.
C Heparin may cause thrombocytopenia.
D Warfarin does not cross the placenta.
E Warfarin crosses into breast milk and prevents breast feeding.
5. With regard to preterm rupture of membranes which one of the following is FALSE?
A Cervical swabs may fail to culture up to 80% of women who have Group B streptococcus.
B Steroids should be given between 24 and 38 weeks gestation.
C Steroids cannot be given to pregnant women with TB
D The dose regime of steroids is Betamethasone 24 mg IM 12 hours apart.
E All of the above.
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