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1. Which one of the following has an increase in its AP diameter?
A Gynaecoid pelvis
B Android pelvis
C Anthropoid pelvis.
D Platypelloid pelvis.
E None of the above.
2. With regard to cardiac compressions in neonatal resuscitation which one of the following is FALSE ?
A The objective is to bring oxygenated blood from the lungs to the brain.
B The thumbs should be in the midline just below an imaginary line joining the two nipples.
C The heart is compressed by decreasing the distance between the sternum and the spine by approx 1/3 – 1/2.
D Too rapid a rate gives the chambers of the heart no chance to fill passively.
E Most babies will respond within a minute or two.
3. What is the Mean Arterial Pressure of the following blood pressure reading of 190/100 mmHg?
A 100
B 145
C 190
D 130
E 160
4. Concerning magnesium sulphate which one of the following is correct?
A The loading dose is 4 milligrams over 15 minutes.
B The infusion rate is 4 grams per hour.
C Magnesium is excreted by the liver.
D The therapeutic level is 15 mg/dl.
E The blood level of magnesium is dependent on the patient’s renal function.
5. In uterine rupture which one of the following is correct?
A It occurs in 18 % of women with a previous uterine scar.
B It results in a hysterectomy in almost all cases.
C Previous classical caesarean section patients are not at increased risk.
D A difficult manual removal of placenta may increase the risk.
E All of the above.
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