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1. With regard to FBS which one of the following is correct?
A One sample is sufficient
B During the second stage of labour a value of 7.15 may be acceptable if there is adequate progress
C A base excess of minus 12 mmol/l is not significant.
D A pH of < 7.25 is defined as being normal.
E All of the above.
2. With regard to ECV which one of the following statements is correct?
A It is a useful procedure in the second trimester.
B A woman with a history of a previous Caesarean Section can still have an ECV.
C A Fetal bradycardia during ECV is very rare.
D An ECV in early labour is contra indicated
E All of the above
3. With regard to the signs / symptoms of PPH which one of the following may be present?
A Maternal Tachycardia
B Narrow pulse pressure
C Agitation
D Low urine output
E All of the above
4. Which one of the following clinical signs define severe pre-Eclampsia ?
A Blood pressure of greater than 90 mmHg diastolic.
B Urine output of greater than 500 mls in 24 hours.
C Pulmonary oedema.
D Platelets greater than 140 x 109/l.
E All of the above.
5. In acute fatty liver which one of the following is correct?
A It occurs in approximately 1 in 150 pregnancies.
B It always presents with jaundice.
C Vomiting is rare
D Maternal mortality in the past was as high as 92%
E All patients have hypertension, proteinuria and oedema.
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