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1. With regard to amniotic fluid embolism which one of the following is FALSE ?
A It develops with stunning rapidity.
B Seizures affect about one third of patients.
C DIC is a common complication.
D Mortality rate in the past was as high as 85%
E May be precipitated by cord prolapse.
2. Hypertension caused by pregnancy. Which of the following is correct?
A It affects approximately 25% of pregnancies.
B It can occur before 20 weeks gestation.
C It may be associated with HELLP syndrome.
D If associated with proteinuria, it is called PIH.
E Hypertension in pregnancy does not last beyond 42 days postpartum.
3. With regard to outcome in Eclampsia which one of the following is correct?
A Maternal death in the developed world due to Eclampsia is 20%
B Abruption is a complication of Eclampsia and if it occurs may kill up to 45% of babies.
C The CTG always shows a bradycardia secondary to the magnesium sulphate bolus.
D All patients with severe unstable pre-Eclampsia must be transferred to a tertiary unit before delivery.
E The Fetal CTG may show a bradycardia secondary to spasm of the uterine vein.
4. With regard to investigations of acute fatty liver which one of the following results is correct?
A Low bilirubin.
B Low glucose.
C Normal coagulation
D Platelets less than 20
E Normal Liver function tests.
5. With regard to tocolytic therapy which one of the following is correct?
A Magnesium sulphate is effective in preventing preterm labour.
B Indomethacin dilates the fetal ductus arteriosus.
C Nifedipine is a beta blocker
D Prolonging pregnancy with tocolytic agents has been shown to greatly Improve all neonatal outcomes.
E None of the above.
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